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Frequently Asked Questions
Admissions Questions
1.  How do I start the admission process?
Call or email the Admissions Office at 501-664-8006 ext. 106 or email Annie McFadden, Director of Admissions, at amcfadden@mtstmary.edu to request an Admissions Packet or to schedule an informative tour. You may also print an application form from our website under the Applications section. 
2.  When should Prospective Freshman apply for admission to Mount St. Mary Academy?
Any time as long as it is by our February deadline (see Important Dates for specific date). Our Open House is typically held in late October and gives prospective students and families an opportunity to tour the facilities and speak with faculty, staff, and students.  If by our February deadline we have more applicants than we have spots available in our freshman class, we will use a priority list to determine who is accepted.  Only those who have completed all of the necessary steps (Placement Test, Application for Admission, Academic Transcripts, etc.) will be considered and anyone else will be placed on our waiting list.  
3.  What is the purpose of the Placement Test?
The Placement Test is required for all Prospective Freshman for admission to Mount St. Mary Academy. Its purpose is to give the school an idea of where an applicant is coming from academically so we place her in classes that are the best fit. It is not an Entrance Exam, meaning that it does not determine whether a student is accepted or not. Visit the Important Dates page to see when the test is offered and download the registration form under the Applications section.
4.  How much does it cost to attend Mount St. Mary Academy?
Click for a description of our Tuition and Fees for the upcoming year. If you have any questions about financial assistance options, please feel free to contact the Finance Office at 664-8006.  
5.  Does Mount St. Mary Academy offer financial assistance or scholarships?
It is the philosophy of the Sisters of Mercy to work with parents/guardians to make quality Catholic education available to all young women who desire the unique educational experience of Mount St. Mary Academy. The school is committed to working with any family in need of financial assistance. Click to learn more about our Financial Assistance options or visit our Finance Office at 664-8006.  
6.  What types of Admissions Events are available for prospective students and/or families?
There are many Admissions Events available for prospective students and families, both formal and informal. Formal events include: Open House in the fall where guests are given the chance to tour the school meet teachers from our various departments and a “Lock-in” in the spring for Incoming Freshmen. More “informal” ways of visiting include one-on-one tours of the school and our shadowing program click on the Shadow/Visit the Mount tab to learn more.    
7.  How do I schedule a tour/visit?
Whether you are a current student, parent or just want to learn more about our school, we invite you to schedule a visit with the Admissions Office. Visit the Shadow/Visit the Mount section to learn more about the types of visits we offer and how to schedule one. 
8.  How successful is your college placement?
Annually, 98-100 percent of graduates from Mount St. Mary Academy attend college and most receive scholarships from those schools. There two full-time guidance counselors who work one-on-one with seniors to help find the perfect fit for college. Some of the schools include: College of William and Mary, Harding University, Rockhurst University, University of Notre Dame to name a few as well as a wide variety of in-state and out of state colleges and universities. Visit our Guidance page for more information.   

General Questions
1.  Is Mount St. Mary a boarding school? 
No, we are not a boarding school. However, Mount St. Mary did have boarders until 1970. Please visit MSM History to learn more. 
2.  Do Mount St. Mary students wear uniforms?
Yes, students are required to wear the school approved uniform. Please visit our student handbook for a detailed description of the uniforms.  
3.  Is there a student handbook?
Yes, our student handbook is an excellent resource for students and parents to help them learn more about the Mount. 

Academic Questions
1.  What is the student/teacher ratio?
2.  What is the average class size?
The average class size is 24 students but, depending on the class, the number varies.
3.  Where can I learn about current course offerings?
To see our curriculum guide, please click here.
4.  What is the International Baccalaureate Program?
The International Baccalaureate Program, or IB for short, is an honors program designed for Juniors and Seniors and was started at Mount St. Mary in 2001. Students who choose to take IB classes have a chance to earn an IB diploma in addition to their MSM diploma at graduation pending the completion of the IB exam. Many colleges recognize IB credits as credit for college-level classes. Participation in IB classes is not required but the majority of our students take at least one IB class before graduating. The nature of the IB program is very individualized – students can pick and choose which IB classes they want to take depending on their academic strengths.  For more information, click here.   
5.  What is the school day like?
The school day starts at 8:00 a.m. and is finished at 3:20 p.m. We have a “Block Schedule” that consists of “A” Days and “B” Days with 90-minute classes. There are 4 classes on “A” Days: 2 before lunch/homeroom and 2 after. On “B” Days there are 2 classes before lunch/homeroom and 2 after, the first being an “Activity Period” that is used either as a study hall or club/organization meeting time. “Activity Period” is sometimes moved to another part of the day to accommodate certain events such as mass, assemblies, etc…
6.  Are there resources available for students with learning differences?
Yes, if a student presents records of learning differences, certain accommodations are available. This can be discussed with the Assistant Principal and counselors at the time of admission and when scheduling classes. 
7.  How can I contact my daughter's teacher? 
Parents and students are encouraged to maintain open lines of communication with teachers and other school       personnel. Parents will have a chance to meet with their daughter’s teacher during Parent/Teacher Conference times; however this does not limit parents to contact the teacher other times. All of the teacher contact information is available on the website. Parents will also receive weekly email updates about their daughter’s grades as well as general school announcements. 

8.  What is the attendance policy?
Because of the Mount’s “Block Schedule,” regular attendance is mandatory. More than 5 absences in any one academic course will require making up that time possibly in summer school. An extensive review of the attendance policy is available in the student handbook.
9.  I see that students are not allowed to use their cell phones on campus during the day. How do I contact my daughter in case of an emergency? 
In case of an emergency, parents may call the main office in order to contact their daughter. The cell phone policy is explained in the student handbook
10.  Where can I find the school’s calendar? 
The calendar of events can be found on the home page of the website. You can also choose to view the calendar based on specific events (i.e. athletics, student life, etc…).  

Founded in 1851, and sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, Mount St. Mary Academy is a premier, all-girls school dedicated to building a strong moral and intellectual foundation for our students in order to fully prepare them to meet the challenges of the future as women of wisdom, compassion and integrity. --- Mount St. Mary Mission Statement

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